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These options can be implemented individually or customized by our Professional Services team. Our services are offered on a private cloud to meet the performance and reliability you expect. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures your satisfaction.

Services include a complete suite of Electronic Billing, Payment, and Delivery for both consumer and business billing. All services may be customized to suit including look & feel, business rules and special features like Level 3 card authorization. Examples of Payment Hub spokes include Web, Mobile, IVR, Bank Bill Pay, Back Office and Point-of-Service. Payment methods supported include Card, eCheck, Cash, Check Guarantee and Payroll Deduction.  



Our clientele consists of many health care providers therefore we are certified as a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) Business Associate. In conjunction with HIPAA compliance, iPayX offers complete audit trails of internet payment activity and provides the means to the secure transmission of sensitive and critical information via email.

Security now includes support for EMV and Card Cloaking  devices. These important security capabilities eliminate fraud, the risk of a compromised workstation and manage the approaching fraud liability shift. Card Cloaking (Valuta Port Services) is available for both Point-of-Sale and Back Office workstations. Card Cloaking completely eliminates the standard keyboard when entering secure information.


Who We Are

iPayX is a comprehensive payment processing service which organizes and simplifies the various ways your business collects payments online. Operating under a streamlined approach, iPayX unifies all existing payment avenues under one integrated system, providing an extensive and solid structure specific to your business needs. iPayX allows you to seamlessly accept e-payments, credit card online payments, and manage e-billing under the highest caliber of security and accuracy. If you are a business owner looking for an in-depth, safe, and expansive payment gateway, iPayX is the solution.

Our standardized, all-encompassing product line provides the means for you to collect online payments securely, 24 hours a day, in a reliable fashion regardless of the payment method. iPayX also provides document management, resulting in unparalleled organizational structure and increased efficiency for your entire accounts receivable and billing functions.

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