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How Would Your Customers React to a Data Breach?

The conversation around credit card data security reaches beyond hypothetical context at this point. Computer hacking is a very real danger for any business and unfortunately, the problem does not appear to be going away any time soon. Look no further than this week's news for proof that major cyber-attacks and high scale security incidents are wreaking havoc for businesses of various industry.

Credit Card Payment Security Standards

When popular retail chain, Target had their Point-of-Sale system compromised and the credit card information of at least 40 million customers illegally acquired, retailers (and consumers) across the country took note. Full damage assessment still ongoing, Target estimates the breach has cost $148M so far. They are still working to rebuild consumer confidence and reinforce security of their payment systems.

iPayX Makes Online Merchant Processing Rates Pure and Simple

Have you ever figured out how to read the merchant statement that your merchant processor sends you every month? Sifting through so many line items, confusing terminology and various fees has always been a struggle for me. Monthly compliance fees, acquirer network fees, processing pass thru fees, account maintenance fees, assessment fees, world elite merit fees, batch header fees, access fees and so on... How can one properly audit these fees when we don't even know what they mean or what they are for?


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